What to Expect at Your First Gynecology Appointment

What to Expect at Your First Gynecology Appointment

Your first gynecology appointment—sounds intimidating, doesn’t it? It shouldn’t be. In fact, we strongly believe that once it’s over you’ll be reassured and more confident in yourself than ever before. Before your visit, we’ve put together some FAQs about what you should expect.

What is a Gynecologist?

Simply put, a gynecologist is a medical doctor whose practice concentrates on the reproductive organ’s of a female body and women’s health. Commonly, gynecology and obstetrics—healthcare concerning pregnancy—are a combined specialty.

When should I make my first appointment?

According to experts, girls should first visit a gynecologist between the ages of 13 and 15. Girls of that age are going through significant changes to their body and sexual issues are becoming relevant to them at that point.

What happens at the first visit?

Our goal is to establish a trusting relationship between you and your doctor. We understand you might be nervous and want you to recognize your gynecologist’s office is a comfortable setting where you can ask questions and feel at ease. We’ll also walk through some of the standard procedures and tests that occur during your regular visits to our office.

Additionally, we’ll talk about the changes happening to your body such as a puberty and menstruation. We’ll also discuss sexual health, prevention, and pregnancy. Our goal is to educate and to keep you healthy.

What is the exam like?

We’ll conduct a general physical exam and monitor your weight, height, and blood pressure, as well as examine your genital area. There is no need to be ashamed or feel shy. We want you to ask questions and feel confident in discussing any concerns you may have.

What questions will you ask?

Your gynecologist will need to know about any medical conditions you have, any medications you are taking, and past surgical procedures. Additionally, the medical history of your family—especially on your mother’s side is important. This will help determine what methods of birth control are most appropriate.

What happens after the appointment?

We’ll confirm all your contact inform so we can share the results of any tests you may have taken. Additionally, we’ll schedule a follow-up appointment and annual wellness visit.

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